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Learn how to:

  • Avoid dating red flags
  • Find and love yourself
  • Prepare yourself for marriage...

ave you experienced a broken relationship or divorce and don't know what to do?

You may have tons of questions and wonder where to go from where you are. You may try to find reasons as to why you had to go through all the pain. Why did it have to be you? Why would someone who claims to or have claimed to love you leave you so devastated? Why do you feel broken and stuck with the pain?

Where do you start from? How do you heal and forgive? Is there life beyond the pain you are experiencing? Is there anything left for you to do? All these questions and more may flood your mind and you may start to feel depressed. You however, need to know that there is life beyond the hurt, the brokenness, the heartbreaks, rejection or fear. You must learn to unpack, unlearn and pull yourself back together again, for you to experience life “Beyond the Pain and Return to Love.”

Who is this book for?

Singles and Divorced


Love, Sex, Lies and Reality deals with real life issues about relationships. We currently...


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